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Services and systems are the backbones of our society. How we design them impacts equity, justice, and quality of life.

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The Why Lab is a global service design and innovation studio, community living lab, and education hub. We work with communities to address complex problems with creativity, care, a trauma-centered lens, and equity at the center. We are a team of changemakers who are not afraid to question the status quo in order to spur justice-oriented action and create progress.

Do things better.  Do better things.

We are have worked with:
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The team at The Why Lab understands that meaningful business is not just about new ideas, but how to combine sustainable processes, a healthy company culture, and powerful stories to lead change.


They have a visionary knack for posing and creating actionable responses to questions like: What would give this product category a wow factor? How can you make customers’ experience unforgettable? What kind of intriguing story can be told by this business? What impact can this business have on its community? How can consumer experience elevate this company?

- Jordan Bell, Agency Bell

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Why Service Design Podcast

One way that we evangelize service design thinking and experience design is through the world's first Service Design podcast. With guests from all around the world, it reaches 120+ countries.

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