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It takes a lot of courage to decide
you want to do something new.


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We lead service design projects in your company to create or improve products and services. A project can take on many forms and address a variety of needs but the core of this service includes applying service design methodologies to both see the big picture and then fix detailed views of a particular challenge.

Questions that can be answered with a project:

  • I have a specific problem with my service - how do I address it?

  • How do we improve something that already exists?

  • We want to do something new or different to stand out, we are just not sure what?

  • We have an idea - how do we test if it’s viable?

  • How can we increase employee morale?

  • How can we improve our internal processes?

This is useful for:

  • Service or product teams trying to understand customer pain points AND solve them

  • Companies who want to add a new service or offering, but aren’t sure what and how

  • Companies trying to prototype/test a new service idea

  • Any team within an organization who has a specific problem to solve

  • People who want to see the big picture of a problem and test solutions




We do deep-dive research to understand your company, your challenge, your market and your customer. By the end of this phase, we have a clear user journey with the pain points and the priority to fix each one.

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Get Inspired

We look outside the world seeking inspiration for us and your team so can learn how different industries, cultures, and companies are solving challenges like yours and apply those learnings to think creatively.

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Co-create & Prototype

Together with your team, we will design and quickly test improvements and ideas to fix pain points or deliver new experiences. This may include: new ideation workshops and service prototype sprints, depending on the project.



We collect all learning points and organize them to tell a story of the next chapter of your company. Projects may be delivered with a service blueprint or a clear next steps package with additional templates, to empower your team to continue to innovate after our engagement ends.



Sometimes you need a neutral third party partner to help you work through a problem or see things from a new perspective. Our role in a consultant context is to analyze a specific issue inside or outside your company, and help you design a clear picture of the current state. We will help you identify pain points and prioritize which ones to solve.

Questions that can be answered with consulting:

  • Am I solving the right problem?

  • Why is my company not growing?

  • How can we prioritize the challenges we have?

This is useful for:

  • Visionary founders or executives who want to add a for-good component to their business

  • Department heads who want to validate ideas before presenting them to the board

  • Employees at any level who want to fine-tune a thought process or idea


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The Challenge

We immerse ourselves in your company’s challenge to collect information and bring together different perspectives.

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With all information in hand we analyze all the learning points, all the patterns and review unseen connections.

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Report and Resources

We deliver a detailed action report and facilitate a series of conversations with you or your team to present findings and ideas for next steps.



As specialists in Service Design methodologies, we believe that transferring this knowledge to your team will empower your companies to adopt the design mindset for ongoing innovation. Our customized training programs will guide your teams to thinking with empathy and creativity and set them up for solving relevant challenges now or in the future.

Questions that can be answered with a training:

  • How can I help my team think like designers?

  • How can we learn new skills sets by doing?

  • How can we embed creative problem solving in our work?

This is useful for:

  • Innovation department leaders who want to train their team on the service design process

  • Customer experience teams who want the skillset to solve many different problems

  • Leaders who want to encourage their teams to think differently


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Understanding the purpose of a training is the first step to designing content that will be applicable by your team in a company. Our goal is to find the balance to achieve the leadership goals and the goals for those who will be taking the training with us.

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Tailor-made content

Based on your goals, we will design a unique training experience for your teams. Our goal is to bring new knowledge adapted to the perspective of those who are taking the training.

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We will host an immersive and interactive training, which can include a talk, a class, a one-day event, a week-long event.

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Support Materials

The training doesn't end when the event is over. We provide a support material to help each participant and each team apply what they have learned to their daily activities.


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As designers we think by doing. A workshop is a hands-on activity that helps people to exercise what they might know in theory but is hard to practice as an individual or in a group. The difference between trainings and workshops are that workshops will focus on solving a specific challenge or developing a specific idea, while trainings use more general examples.

Questions that can be answered with a project:

  • How can I get all the key people and teams on the same page with a project?

  • How can we have an effective conversation?

This is useful for:

  • For-profit companies who want to add a social good component and want to explore what will create the most value in their ecosystem

  • Project leaders who want to navigate conflicting ideas with varied teams

  • Department leaders who want to guide the process of generating new ideas or establish an open innovation program


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Developing Workshop

Having your goals as a starting point, we develop a hands-on activity to guide your team in this journey, collecting inspirational materials and designing a customized curriculum.

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Day-Of Workshop

We facilitate a hands-on, interactive, and immersive workshop with a specific outcome in mind.

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We collect all the learning points in one deliverable to help all participants to take their projects through its next steps.

Experience Design

Experience Design


Sometimes we need an inspirational experience design to kick-start our thinking or inspire loyalty. Guided by the arts, creative trends in different fields, behavioral science, and immersive experience design, we help bring a special spark of magic into a project or team, to leave you inspired long after we have left.

  • Teams looking for an inspirational internal activity that is not tied to a specific project

  • Brand managers who need creative ways to engage their customers

Questions that can be answered with a project:

  • How can I add a little more magic to our day-to-day work?

  • How can we show customers that we really care about them?

  • What unique experiences can we offer our customer to differentiate ourselves?

This is useful for:

  • Teams looking for an inspirational internal activity that is not tied to a specific project

  • Brand managers who need creative ways to engage their customers

  • Product managers looking for differentiation strategies


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We do a deep dive to understand how your team works and what are their most pressing needs.

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We use a variety of proven activities and techniques to create a fun, useful, and inspiring experience.

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Where possible, we encourage getting out of the office and travelling to nearby unique venues that will inspire creative thinking. This phase can also include the strategy for a brand activation, if that is your need.

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We share our findings, along with resources to continue the inspiration after our work together is completed. We also send a surprise package that will help your team continue thinking creatively. 

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